Kagami Biraki 2014

Last night, Thursday 16 January, marked the first training session for the Kengokan Dojo in 2014. Training will be each Thursday from 6.30–8.30pm.

As the first session of the year, this session was our Kagami Biraki 2014 session. Kagami Biraki means opening the mirror, and symbolises the introspection associated with the New Years period in most cultures, and also the end of the New Years festivities, and the “getting-on-with-it” of training.

The members present completed the following:

  • Practice of all empty hand kata from white belt to Nidan
  • 108 Pushups
  • 108 Situps
  • 108 Star-jumps
  • 108 Squats

After completing this, we ran through the bo kata Shishiryu no Bo 10 times.

A good solid session to see in the New Year and to set a great standard for 2014!

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