The Kengokan Dojo teaches Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo and Shishiryu Kobudo and is the official Sydney Dojo of Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo Australia and the International Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai (www.shorinjiryu.org).

Shorinjiryu Karate is a classical style of Okinawan/Japanese Karate, founded by Shinan Kori Hisataka (1907-1988). It is based on a rich blend of Okinawa-Te, Okinawan Karate, Japanese Aikijujutsu, Ryukyu Kobudo, and weaponry arts.

Classes at the Kengokan Dojo cover:

  • Classical Shorinjiryu Karate
  • Weapons (bo, sai, jo, tanbo and more)
  • Self Defence
At this time, the Kengokan Dojo only offers classes for adult aged practitioners.

Training Times

  • Training is planned to re-commence in mid-2018.
Training Location

Venue TBC


Sensei Des Paroz, Shihan 6th Dan
Sensei Clinton Andrews, 3rd Dan

Contact Information
Email: kengokan@me.com
Phone: 02 9046 9116 (Des)

Training Fees
$50.00 per month
Annual membership fee to Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo Association of $60.00 (pro-rata in first year of membership)

General Information

It is suggested that new students wear loose clothing, such as tracksuit pants or shorts, and a t-shirt to class. Jewellery and watches should not be worn during training.