Celebrating 35 Years of Shorinjiryu in Australia

Over the weekend of the 20-22 April, members of the Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo Association celebrated the 35th Anniversary of Shorinjiryu Karatedo in Australia – truly a major milestone.

Founded by Shihan Lori Vanniekirk in 1977 as a branch of the Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo So Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan, Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo has been practiced continuously since that time by the instructors and members of the Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo Association Inc.

During the National Camp of Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo (the school of Shorinjiryu Karatedo taught by the Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo Association), the 35th Anniversary was celebrated by the members at a special dinner on the Friday night, and at a specially prepared Saturday evening meal and presentation evening.

We were honoured to be joined for this special occasion by international visitors including Hanshi Myron Lubitsch, 9th Dan, and Shihan Troy Lester, 6th Dan, of the Shorinjiryu Kenryukan in New York, and Shihan Jeffrey Henderson, 6th Dan, of the International Budo Institute, along with the instructors and members of all dojo of Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Karatedo in Australia.

The Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo Association is the original association of Shorinjiryu Karatedo in Australia, and has operated continuously since the organisation was formed in 1977. With 8 active dojo along the east coast of Australia, we are proud to represent the largest group of Australian instructors and practitioners ofShorinjiryu Karatedo as founded by Kaiso Kori Hisatsaka (1907-1988).

In celebrating the 35th Anniversary, the instructors and members paused to thank those that have paved the way for our current practice. These include:

  • The founder of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo, Kaiso Kori Hisataka (1907-1988)
  • The international head master of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo, So Shihan Masayuki Hisataka (with whom we were affiliated from 1977 to 1995)
  • The chief instructor of Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Watanabe Ha, Kaicho Shunji Watanabe (with whom were affiliated from 2007 to 2011)
  • The founder and President of the International Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai, Hanshi Myron Lubitsch
  • The founder of Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo, Shihan Lori Vanniekirk
  • The patron Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo, Shihan Phil Hooper (retired)
  • Current chief instructors Kyoshi Jim Griffin and Shihan Max Estens
  • The current and former instructors and members of Australian Shorinjiryu Karatedo

This is an important milestone, not only because of the history it represents, but the fact that this history provides the foundation for our continued growth into the future.

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