First Training for 2012 – Hatsu Geiko

Sydney New Years 2012
Photo courtesy of Damon Spooner

This afternoon Sensei Joanna, Chrissy, Julie, Scott and I met by the riverside at Rozelle for our hatsu geiko (first training) for 2012.

Hatsu geiko is an important time in the calendar, because it is a time to  dust the cobwebs off that have been building up over Christmas. As in many Japanese dojo, our hatsu geiko was relatively informal, and was a good chance to practice jo and bo, as well as learn some new stuff – we all took a look at the renzoku kansetsu waza drill (ABCs of Joint Locks), whilst Sensei Jo and Chrissy started on Sanchin Waza and Julie and Scott kicked off with Nijushiho kata.

After a couple of hours, we enjoyed a nice Japanese dinner at Sushi Samurai in Pyrmont. Sensei Jo couldn’t make it, as she need to power on with Dragon Boat training!

Thanks all for a great hatsu geiko!

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