Blitz Interview with Renshi Des


Renshi Des Paroz (Head Instructor of the Kengokan Dojo) was recently interviewed by Kyoshi Mike Clarke for an upcoming issue of Blitz Magazine.

The interview covers the background of Shorinjiryu karatedo, Shorinjiryu Koshinkai Australia, and some of Des’ experiences in Shorinjiryu, particularly when he lived in Japan in the early 90’s.

The interview will be published later this year (either September or October), and the current issue (Vol 25 No. 8) has a photograph and a short blurb highlighting the upcoming article.

One comment

  1. Hello Renshi Des,
    I will be very interested in reading your interview in Blitz later this year. I have an avid fan of Blitz and the TKD mag for a number of years when practicing Tae-kwon-Do. I’m sure you will cover more than two decades in your rendition of your martial arts career.
    domo arigato

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